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Additive, Subtractive, Hybrid


Studio 1, Fall 2013


The goal of our first studio was to gain an understanding of form and space while also practicing our ability to draw and model.  Generating an idea and representing that idea.

SUBTRACTIVE: This design was a practice of sheer and stasis, and eventually had to be programmed as a museum.  The vertical stasis opened up to be a window element, marking both the verticality of the inner space and the vertical circulation, whereas the horizontal sheers remained their horizontality by becoming floors with galleries.

ADDITIVE: This was an exercise of cadence and overlap.  The individual additive units were composed of a series of L-shapes.  The cadence of units ended up becoming the floors of an observation tower, which had plenty of inherent staggering floor plans and balconies due to the simplicity of the original unit.  The overlap was then designed to wrap back into the design to form the structural core of the tower as well as house the vertical circulation.

HYBRID: After creating a hybrid of the two previous models, we learned to extrapolate inherent systems from that design and place it on a site as a memorial.  As a memorial to the Dodo Bird, my design creates an inconvenient procession to consider the flightless bird, a threshold reminiscent of a half-excavated rib cage, and an ultimate point of reflection at the dead end of the journey.

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