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Five Points, Denver


Studio 4, Spring 2015

Five Points, Denver


My goal was to support the neighborhood's rich history of African-American culture and Jazz music while also representing, on a palpable scale, the complex street grids that gave name to the neighborhood.


CONCEPT: The site is located only a few lots from the area's namesake five-point intersection, and the neighborhood has seen a recent urban renewal colliding with its low-income past.  I wanted to represent this with a palpable representation of intersection, collision, and displacement within my design.


COMMUNITY: I wanted to offer a designed space at all times, even when not open for business, hence a courtyard that is available for both through traffic or semi-covered patio space.

JAZZ: Because there are many music events in the area, namely an annual jazz festival in front of the lot, I wanted to offer seating to view both the street and the outdoor stage inherent to the design.

PROGRAM: Exhibits fill the central angled mass, whereas the two main structures hold various classroom, community, and practice spaces.  The interaction between the central mass and the two others offers circulation and breakout exhibit platforms.

MATERIALITY: The site would meet adjacent buildings with similarity in the form of traditional brick, but that brick would be housing the vibrance of modern wood and glass construction.  Variance housed within structure, so to speak.

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