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Studio 6, Spring 2016

LoDo, Denver

Partner: Matt Rodgers


Because the project is between two registered historic buildings, connected programatically to one of them, and within historic curtis street's theater district, it was important that the building respect that history while also restoring the theater environment that once dominated the street.


LoDo, Denver

CONCEPT: Curtis Street historically was Denver's theater district,

so we chose to revive that within our Hotel Addition.  Because we were offering a lot of new hotel rooms, it was important that those rooms had sunlight and view, while the theater remained much more introspective.

LIGHT SPACES: The hotel rooms are located above adjacent buildings and with a thinner floor plan, thus maximizing daylighting and views for occupants.  Meanwhile, the theater benefits from being dark and consequently has buildings adjacent to it.


CONTEXTUALISM: Since theaters need to advertise themselves to the street, we chose to do so by designing ours as a floating "gem" surrounded by an otherwise contextual design.

THEATER: From the street, the public would see the riggings, curtain, and backstage workings, thus recognizing it as a theater and sparking curiosity about the show inside.

PROGRAM: The main floor has a ticket office and hotel reception areas accessible from the street, the next three floors contain the theater, backstage, and lobby and are largely separated from hotel functions, leaving the hotel expansion to the top floors with access to patios and sunlight.

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