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Studio 3, Fall 2014

Auraria Campus, Denver


Because the experience of art is so dependent on quality of light, I designed a system of light shelves and light lenses.  These could then be adjusted according to program, as well as varied in future projects while maintaining the theme.


Auraria Campus, Denver

CONCEPT: The idea was to develop a thematic system that could be varied for future projects.  I chose to design a lighting system that was recognizable and could be varied on a case-by-case basis.

LIGHT: Sculptural art benefits from direct light and shadow, whereas paintings and photography benefit from softer light.  Depending on how much direct or indirect light a given space needed, a design could vary the quantity, size, orientation, or shape of a system of light shelves and light lenses.

PROGRAM: The designs themselves, whether in plan or section, exhibit a staggering system of floor shelves or wall layout.  This inherently created a free-flowing design that I find useful in an art gallery.

MATERIALITY:  Many of the buildings in the downtown area use concrete construction - a cold aesthetic that I chose to warm up with the vibrance and contrast of wood.

FUTURE GROWTH: Like the High Line in New York, I propose that the adjacent Cherry Creek Trail become a designed means of visiting various destinations within the city of Denver, namely galleries that continue working on my original three designs.

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